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 Announcement about the Server is right here.

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Announcement about the Server is right here. Empty
PostSubject: Announcement about the Server is right here.   Announcement about the Server is right here. EmptyFri Jan 13, 2012 7:40 am

All players of Grand Theft Auto Roleplay server must follow the Rules listed below. Not knowing the rules does not relieve any player from responsibility.

All players should register at the Grand Theft Auto Roleplay forums; it is recommended that players visit this board regularly to know the latest news and updates.

1.2 Server administrators will impose sanctions on players for violating server rules and for any actions that harm server game play.

Proof of server rules violations include screenshots, videos, evidence of players and administrators themselves. False evidence is prohibited and will be punished with at least 1 month ban.

1.3 Administrators are obliged:

- To be fair and treat all players equally, independent of their level and faction;
- Not to mix server roleplaying with server administration in any way;
- Not to ignore any cases of server rules violations that are reported.

1.4 Administrators have a right :

- To close server for maintenance with or without prior warning;
- To interfere in server events and wars in cases of server rules violations;
- To make final decisions about terms of wars (taking into account opinions of all sides of conflict);
- To give out certain administrator privileges to other people.(owners only unless given permition by an owner.)

1.5 Possible sanctions are:

- Removal of Money from character, % or fixed sum (Money fine);
- Placing inside prison;
- Deleting character;
- Banning account on forums and/or in-game.
- Banning IPs.

1.6 Player who is violating a server rule can be warned in the game or on forums. If the player does not ignore the warning, does not repeat the violation, and tries to reduce the negative consequences of what he/she did, this player would not be sanctioned.

Warning is optional. In case of a violation, especially a serious one, sanction can be applied straightaway.

2. Cheating & Hacking

2.1 Following actions are considered cheating on server:

- Using 3rd party programs/mods/trainers, speed-related and especially, as well as using modifications that improve stats of items;
- Changing account information and using any kinds of software that changes normal gameplay;
- Using any equipment not included for sale in Grand Theft Auto Roleplay for example: certain unscripted cars and weapons;
- Cloning, e.g. creating new characters to collect starting money.

2.2 Sanction for cheating may range from 60-day, to eternal ban.

Players who have been spotted cheating twice or more, will be banned forever.

2.3 Attempts to hack server, both successful and unsuccessful, will result in banning server account forever, as well as blocking access to server and to forums.

Hacking is: gaining unauthorized access to PC where server is running, modifying server resources, violating normal operations of server software and hardware in any other way.

2.4 Threats of hacking will be punished with immediate and eternal ban from server and forums.

3. Rules of conduct

3.1 Using coarse language, posting abusive, hateful, racist content OOCl'y in chat, public or private, is prohibited under any circumstances.

Sanction: no less than 7-day ban.

This language is to be used only when in character

3.2 Flaming, threats and insulting (in any form) other members, factions, server administrators in chat, public or private, is prohibited on server and on forums. RP-related threats are allowed on the server.

Sanction: no less than 14-day ban.

3.3 All messages in chat must be in understandable English, unless the chat is private and both members know the language being used.

3.4 Out-of-character (OOC (use /b)) is for ooc related information no information given to you oocly should be used in game, this would be considered metagaming.

3.4.1 Metagaming: is a broad term usually used to define any strategy, action or method used in a game which transcends a prescribed ruleset, uses external factors to affect the game, or goes beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game.
In simple terms, using out-of-character information, or resources, to affect one's in-game decisions.
3.4.2 Metagaming is against the rules and a warnabul offence

3.5 Attempts to pose as admins, threatening players with sanctions, attempts to interpret rules are not allowed. Applying to admin's name without prior consent of the admin is not allowed. And is a Banabul offence

3.6 Names of new characters should be set up with role-playing nature of our server in mind. This means that:

- Names should be Firstname_Lastname and example of this is: Sam_Enzo. Do not put your name as something like: SA_Newibe This is stupid and not roleplay related.
- Names with swear words and offenses in any language will result in instant character deletion a warn and a kick;
- Names with excessive use of random symbols, capital letters, numbers, sybmols, leet speak, emoticons should not be used. Player is warned by administrators if such name is spotted, and given a chance for a volunteer name change (standard rules for name changes apply) within 1 week. If no name change request is posted, character name is changed by admins/and or Deleated

3.7 Using long character names (25+ symbols) is not allowed. Sanction: character deletion with no refund.

3.8 Sanctions for violating conduct rules range a house/money/business fine (this means your house/money/business will be taken away.
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Announcement about the Server is right here.
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