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 Yakuza Application and Story

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PostSubject: Yakuza Application and Story   Yakuza Application and Story EmptyThu Apr 05, 2012 5:13 pm

Story will be added soon.

IC Rules:
Be loyal to the family.
Do not release secret information.
Do not mess with the law, or the police.
Do not mess with other member's family.

OOC Rules:
Respect all rules.
Be active, on forums and in-game.
If you're going inactive, inform one of the leaders.
Alt accounts must be approved by one of the leaders

The Oyabun is the head and father of the family. Ensures all decisions and directions within the family are the correct ones. All decisions and orders from the Oyabun are to be followed without question.
- The overall power of all the families actions,directions and decisions.- To perform traditional Japanese ceremonies, including initiation.
- Negotiate and make deals on property, family meetings, extortion, and law-related business.
- Council Member.

The Saiko-Komon is basically the Underboss, being directly under the Oyabun. They are the administrators of the family. Monitoring the overall family business and reports directly to the Oyabun.
- Head Advisor- Director of all general Yakuza business.
- Maintain and over-see general family administration(Accountant). Including the flow of finance/money, firearms, narcotics. Also dealing with prostitution, extortion and illegal street racing.
- A Saiko-Komon may take a Kyodai as there Apprentice.
- Council Member.

The main leader/manager of the street forces/business for the family. Ensures all orders from the Saiko-Komon and Oyabun are being undertaken by the lower members. The So-Hunbucho are the people who actually ensures tasks get done on the street
- Head Recruiter.- Narcotics Director.
- Materials/Firearm Supplies Director.
- Street Group Director.
- Council member.

Street leaders; after been given the position by the Oyabun and his council, a Wakagashira will then need to assemble his "Street Group" and complete assignments handed down by the So-Hunbucho. Each Wakagashira may choose to run his own group and maintain income to the family and ensuring tasks are being completed
- Street Group Leaders.- Relationship's coordinator between the Yakuza and other families, groups and corporations.
- Reports to the So-Hunbucho, or higher(when required) in regards to tasks and assignments.
- May be called upon to attend a Yakuza Council Family Meeting, if required.

A Japanese version of a "made-man". You have proven your loyalty beyond reasonable doubt and someone the family can rely on. You are what we call a "button-man". When a task is to be completed, you are required to fulfill that task, with no excuses. You are to be a solider on-call at all times
- Fulfill tasks handed down by the Oyabun, his council and the Wakagashira.- May act as a 2nd in command for the Street Group, if chosen by the Wakagashira.
- A full member of a selected Street Group.
- The frontline members of the Yakuza.

A fully accepted, pledged and trusted member of the Yakuza. You have proven worthiness and potential to succeed. You will need to listen, watch and learn and become worthy of a made man, a Shateigashira. Kyodai's will be needed to assist the Wakagashira in doing jobs and assignments, when requested. A Saiko-Komon may select members from this rank to learn the Yakuza ways
- To learn and understand the Japanese Yakuza morals, cultures and traditions.- Pledge your never-ending loyalty to the Oyabun and the family.
- To assist the Wakagashira in completing tasks.
- Must attend a Sakazuki ceremony, by the Oyabun, to obtain this rank.
An outsider to the family. Will need to spend time with the members of the family to learn and to see if you can be accepted into the secret society of the Yakuza.
- An outsider to the family.
- No direct-affiliation to the Yakuza, unlessi
- May be from Non-Japanese descent.
- May hold a legal position within the Enterprise.

OOC Part:
In-game name:
Vent name:
How active are you? (Hours per week):
Previous in-game names:

IC Part:
Fill the questions below, and click 'send' to finish.
First Name:
Last Name:
Cellphone number:
What interests you in working at the "Sushi Club?":
Do you have any previous experience in working as a bar tender, security man, or anything else like that? If so, explain:

Roleplaying with us:
It won't be an easy task to be fully accepted in the Yakuza.
You will have to prove your activity and that you can RP before you will be written on the roster in the first place.
You will not see us shooting around, and doing illegal activities on public, we will do the illegal things behind the scene.
You will have to get used to the traditional manners that the Yakuza has, even though if it's a modern one; bowing, respecting and opening doors to higher ranks will be a -must- for new members.
Good luck, and we hope that you will enjoy our passive and clean mafia roleplay.
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Yakuza Application and Story
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